You're Not Better Than Everyone Else...(Rant... Sorry)

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

So upon taking my husband lunch today at work, I was on my way home and sitting at a light awaiting to turn left. Across from me is a lane that can yield to a right turn (same road I would be turning on to). YIELD is the key word, meaning if another car is coming, you wait... not proceed to go and cut them off. More times than not, people don't YIELD they proceed as though there is no yield or stop. I'm turning finally after the light that never ends finally changes to green. As I am almost to that section of road where it yields out into my lane, this "older" woman just pulls right out in front of me... like she's allowed. I say "older" because she wasn't old, she was older than me but not "old"... I would say maybe late 60s. Age really doesn't matter though because young people do it too. It's just sometimes I question some of these "older" people's driving around here. Haven't you!?

Not all older people are bad drivers... not all women are bad drivers like it's stereotyped to be... Lead into my next issue with driving today!

So there is an UNNECESSARY, UNREASONABLE, RIDICULOUS-USE-OF-DISTRICT-MONEY school being build near where I live. I usually travel down the one road that they have blocked off one lane to get home. Since the construction of the school, I take an alternate route. There are a lot streets around here that really need to be rezoned with parking restrictions or made into one way streets. So when you have a road that MAY be big enough for max 3 car width, how are you going to have 2 way traffic coming through with cars parked on both sides.

So I'm going up the one way, the opposite side of the street has fewer cars at the top of the hill. This would give the opposing traffic room to move over and let me through as there are absolutely no spots on my side of the road.

INSTEAD, the opposing car is a rude-High-AF-MF-A-hole who decides to be a complete a-hole and speed down the road, almost hitting me... then proceeds to try and squeeze his car past me. His side mirror is literally touching mine and his car is about an inch away from the backside of my car. So instead of being a decent human being and back up and let me past as there is a spot I could pull into up the way, (I mean why would I think such a thing anyways as he has already shown he is a jerk and sped down the road into me past all those open spots any normal decent human would pull into). He is now sitting and waiting me out with a smug ugly look on his face as though he was NOT moving. Well... I didn't want shot today so I backed up. May be a little harsh to think he would shoot me but ya never know with the crap around the world anymore and as f'd up as he was on whatever it was, never know... I backed up, let his smug ass through, he proceeded to laugh at me as though a "haha b***h I'm better than you, you had to move" type of haha. If my husband was with me, it probably would have been such a different story! Considering it was me and three children, I'm not looking to die today or have my children exposed to stupidity that some human's just can't seem to control.

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