Welcome to 2020!

Hello New Year! New Decade! Be good to us this year, PLEASE!

Looking back over the past decade, even the past year, so much has happened and not all of it good. The event that stands out the most is losing my mom. And I had 3 children in the past decade but, a loss of someone, like your mother, holds so much more than gaining someone(s) that will be with you for the next several decades.

Will thinking about her ever get easier?

I will not let that hold me back from the things I want to accomplish this year, this decade! In spite, I hope she guides my way and encourages me to do what I want and achieve my goals!

I was also diagnosed with Lupus in the past decade, I REFUSE to let that stand in my way of a good life. I deal with constant pain, fatigue and just overall brain fog but I get through and I feel like I am finally at a place where I can start to focus on what is to come!

So with my guiding light, my mom, to help lead the way to a better life, I am here, I am ready and I will Achieve!

Welcome 2020! BRING IT ON!

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