Want Luscious Curly Hair?

Check Out the Chopstick Styler! Get the wand that is going to give you the best long last curls! Curls were always hard to hold in my long, thin hair. Until I found this product thanks to my cousin! Next to using perming rods at bedtime for a curly wake-up I use this wand for a quick curl! It literally takes about 10-20 seconds per strand, probably around 10 minutes for your entire head. Not bad right? Definitely a lot easier than a curling iron and without the use of all the hairspray and product that you usually have to use in conjunction with the curling iron.

Don't want to use HOT products on your hair? Stick with the PERMING RODS, you can get these at places like Sally Beauty Supply (where I normally get mine) or even on EBay! If you use them on dry hair, they usually take about an hour to give it a good curl. Wet hair, you have to wait until it dries, time really depends on how thick your hair is. You can also use these at bedtime and wake up and take them out! That is how I normally do it and I love my hair! The curls normally last 3-5 days depending on the weather, i.e humidity and how it affects your hair. (Dry shampoo would work great if you're concerned with greasy or oily hair.)

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