Unspent Military Funds To Build Wall....

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

I have posted the link to the story at the end. This is absolutely absurd. There is no reason why billions of military dollars are being used for this ridiculous wall. Mexico has been the southern border of the United States forever... Why now? I am so over this dictator that is running our country into the ground.

A friend of mine shared this news article on Facebook... I commented on it and so did a bunch of Trump supporters. (Not my friend).

My friend's comment with this share.... "Here we go even though there are laws to prevent this but I forget we have a lawless administration."

My comment "Omg this Mexico wall... When is it going to end"

-GB: When it’s built and keeping criminals out.

- Me: H

-ow do you figure a wall is going to keep criminals out? It's not even going to put a slow on it. They want in they'll get in... And plus what about the criminals already here... Ya know... Americans

-GB: When it stops one person crossing illegally then it is stopping a criminal. Walls work or we would not use them everywhere. You know like your house, the White House, prisons.

- Me: Hmmm so America can border Mexico with a wall but not Canada and what about just throw up walls separating all countries from each other then. It's so beyond childish just like this "president"

Later, GB: Here is the quote directly from the attached article. “The shift in money out of the retirement accounts will not impact any military benefits for current service members or retirees.”

My response: That's how they get you to believe that this is okay. Because what happens when it is affected. Unfortunately it seems military is always the ones getting cuts... Yet they should be getting the most!

And yet later a comment from TH: Our school age center on Fort Knox doesn’t have money to transport the kids to and from school. Parents are having to leave work to transport them. They could shift some of that extra money this way, then build their wall.

So much can be funded using $6.1 billion that Trump wants to STEAL for the wall. Trump doesn't care about the military, military families or the American people. People should have realized this before voting for a selfish, self-centered, arrogant piece of garbage who thinks about himself that is all.


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