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My husband and I are planning a trip that was to take place in April. Our destination? Vegas, again. With plans for other places around the area as well, like the Grand Canyon.

Though, we haven't booked anything, yet, thankfully, I'm not sure if we are going to.

CORONAVIRUS (and other airborne diseases) - makes you want to stay at home safe! But then... are you still safe?

My husband says to me this morning, he doesn't want to go somewhere with a lot of foreigners because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Have you ever let a scare like this put a damper on your travels? I mean it's not like we were planning a trip to China. Plus, what would have happened if this all started when we were in Vegas? I guess it's really something we will have to watch and weigh out when it becomes time to start planning.

He says to me he doesn't want to be in an airport. So why don't we find a smaller airport to fly in and out of, for instance when we were in Vegas in 2017 we flew home from the Phoenix - Mesa Airport which was a much smaller airport.

I don't want our vacation ruined because our country cannot contain this! Don't let people back in to the US that have been in China or better yet the city that this is all coming out of Wuhan!!!

Vegas is clearly too far to drive on a week vacation. By the time we get there it'll be time to come home. Would I love to go on a road trip across the country? Yes, by all means, yes I would.

So if Vegas is out, where then? Where are we going to go that isn't going to have a lot of tourists, or foreigners? Comments below would be WONDERFUL!

AIRCRAFT CRASHES (any type of aircraft, crashing for any reason) - makes you not want to fly. Especially if you're flying Allegiant. But is driving really safer? I sure believe so! Like, it may not be completely safe, but I'm in control of what's going on with my car.... of course you gotta watch out for those OTHER cars!

Also with all these crashes lately, Kobe's helicopter, the military copter, the airplanes over seas (though they were clearly taken down)... it scares me to get on an airplane. Maybe we could do the drive to Nashville like we were going to the one year but didn't. That way, we are on the ground... and chances of a lot of people coming from China? Less likely than Vegas.

So I guess what I am looking for is somewhere I could either drive to from PA, or fly in and out of a smaller airport (one that doesn't have international flights). Also somewhere that isn't going to have a large tourist attraction or foreigners from the China area.

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(From our Vegas 2017 Vacation... it's amazing to think you're above the clouds!)

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