The Best Protein Bars!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

If you're anything like me, you try to eat healthy and still get that little taste of sweetness. I don't care much for junk food to start with... brownies are my weakness but I don't care to really eat cake or candy or anything like that. My go to is usually protein bars. And there are so many in the stores that you never know where to even start. You try and try again to find the best bars. Most honestly taste like cardboard there is absolutely no taste to them whatsoever... some on the other hand are good!

My favorite, by far, are the Totally Fit Mama protein bars! They are delicious and they have that taste that makes you feel like you are eating the bad stuff! But you're not! Gluten free and less than 100 calories per bar. And they make you feel full! Definitely a great snack or even a meal replacement bar. They are the best.

There are currently 3 flavors... Triple chocolate (MY FAVORITE!), chocolate peanut butter (which aren't bad either), and snickerdoodle (which are pretty good as well)! 7g of protein in each bar and under 100 calories!

They are sold in 18 count boxes! Get Yours Today! 10% Off code LadyLupieTFM

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