Sunday, Funday

Why did everything I am interested in watching have to be on the same night, at the same time?

I cut cable almost a year ago! THANKFULLY, my husband finally listened to me and we made the switch! BEST decision EVER! So it really didn't matter what I watched, because what I didn't watch I could stream, whenever. BUT, I made it work and I watched it all!

WWE Royal Rumble, Grammy's and the Shameless season finale! 5pm, I put WWE Network on my laptop because I planned on watching the Grammy's on the TV. At 6pm, I turned Shameless on the TV and got it out of the way! It's nice streaming because some of the shows, like Shameless are on before those watching it on cable can watch it. We usually get it out of the way before 9pm when it comes on for everyone else!

We then turned WWE on TV and got the Grammy's set up on the laptop. As pumped as I was for the Grammy's I am glad it got downgraded to the laptop, even though the Royal Rumble was more of a Royal Fumble! The best part of the Grammy's were the tributes to the Late Kobe Bryant.

Anyways, with the exception of the shock of Kobe's passing, Sunday was a good day. Check out my other posts, Kobe The Great and Royal Rumble or Fumble for more!

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