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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Last post expressed my love for the sun, but not the excessive heat or humidity. Now brings me to sun spots. Not good right... well I always notice new spots and even the red spots that come along with my Lupus and it is so annoying. Ever since I have started using my miracle balm on my face every day, I have noticed my face getting "brighter" and the spots lightening. This has been the only thing I have been using on my face and as a lotion for awhile now. It helps so much on my dry skin, my psoriasis, and when my son's eczema flares up again, it will be going onto that as well. The only lip product I have been using has been my lip balm and I couldn't even think about putting anything else on them! I don't even feel the need or want to wear any lip gloss or lipstick because my lips look great now!

I never was one for acne growing up, which I am truly blessed for that. I hardly had pimples and the ones I did have, I cleared away quickly with Vick's Vapor Rub. Yes, Vicks. Crazy right? It helped dry up and clear up my pimple so quickly! I cannot wait to have this miracle balm now the next time one decides to creep up on me. Now, with the lack of acne, leads me to the fact that I have psoriasis. Hmmm... luckily it's mainly in my scalp and behind my ears. It gets bad too! I can't remember the last time it was really bad behind my ears before the last flare up and it was quickly healed up with my balm!

I have noticed that I bruise and scar more than normal, and the scarring just gets worse each time I have a scab. I put my balm on it, helps clear it up. This is literally the best thing ever! My psoriasis couldn't even clear up properly and stay away with the dermatologist prescription medicine. I used to use Nivea creme lotion and it worked better than medication did, but not as good as this amazing balm!

The fact that it's lightening up sun spots / age spots is even more of a benefit! I read about different products that are supposed to help with this issue, they are so beyond expensive. Hey, if you have the money to throw away on expensive-lets-hope-they-work-like-they-say products, then by all means go ahead, but I don't. I have a family that I have to budget for, that is just not in the cards for me. So thankfully I was able to bring this amazing miracle balm into my life! And the fact that I developed it myself is just a bonus!

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