Stress added to Stress

So today I call the schools to get the information there changed for my husband's kids because of the loss of their grandparents and that didn't go over all that well.  Called the High School first and had to leave a message, let's see if they actually call me back.  Called the Jr High and the lady was nice but she could only change a little bit of information.  Tried to call Ebner for Lydia and got connected with the Jr High no matter what number I called.  Ugh apparently they're having phone problems, go figure!  Called student registration to see if I could just do everything through them since it's all in the system there too and the lady got rather rude with me.  First off my husband needs to get legal documentation that he's their guardian, which he is in the process of getting.  So what?  We can't change anything until we get the shit from the court?  Then she made an ignorant accusation towards my husband when it's not my husband's fault to begin with.  WTF you don't know the situation lady so don't accuse people! EWWW Not really a way I wanted to start my day off for real! Then, Terryn goes and face plants into an open laptop chin first because he's goofing off and was told to stop but no felt the need to "hurt" himself which apparently he got over rather quickly because then he thought it was funny.  The baby has been getting antsy and fussy lately when he's around his brothers carrying on and I don't blame him I get that way too lol. I sure hope we can move soon and get everyone together in one house not two!  We almost lost the house yesterday though!  Apparently Monday a pipe burst under the kitchen sink.  You ask yourself why there was even water running through pipes of a vacant house?  And it burst because the landlord was supposed to have put oil in to heat the house until it was done to move in and well hell a few weeks ago when we went to look at it the tank was empty there's no way there was any oil in there because most (if not all) places will only deliver 100-125 gallons of oil minimum!  So the oil came yesterday and now the furnace supposedly won't start.  I'm surprised the house is still standing.  My husband had to go over with his brother to look at it and here his brother comes down the stairs with the stick lighter to light the oil furnace.  WTF!  I guess my husband said what the hell are you doing?  Let me get a mile away from this house before you go and blow it up!  I guess there's an electric ignite switch wow.  I'm getting really antsy being at my house with the boys while my husband is at his parents house with his kids.  Thankfully on most weekends they do come up to the house and spend the night. I really can't wait til we are all in the same house with beds in the same house and everything we need in the same house!  I hate rushing around!  Last night was torture on me because after he went to look at the furnace, I had to go to the grocery store for stuff to make dinner.  Ha it was already 5:30 so what by the time I get there and back we aren't eating until 7?  And we didn't eat until 7!  Then after eating rushing back up to the house to get kids ready for bed and my husband getting back down to the house.  :( Stressed?  You don't say!

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