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Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Are you wanting to start a blog and eventually hoping it be successful? You have come to the right place! I am here to give you ALL the information you need to know about starting a SUCCESSFUL MONEY MAKING blog! I am excited to help you on your journey, and maybe some of you are already there and stuck? I can help.


As you may know (or may not be aware of), blogging is a long term commitment to get the fullest benefit of making money and a full time income, it's not something that is going to happen overnight.

UGH! Right! I know! Everyone is looking for a get rich quick scheme, blogging may help you be financially free and let you live the lifestyle you want, but it isn't going to happen tomorrow.

I truly love reading blogs, not just my own, but blogs by others especially ones similar to mine as well as demographics similar to mine. I love reading the about page for the person behind the blog. As I am still in the process of making mine better, (I will get there!) I want to help you start your dream!

Are you doing blogging on the side? Do you wish to blog for a career? Are you a stay at home parent that is looking to start a hobby and turn it into a side income? What are you looking to financially gain from your blog? Extra spending money? Money for vacations? A New car? New home? Full time income? Or do you want to be a millionaire?

Depending on how you answered that really depends on how much work you need to put into your blog, website in general, advertising, promoting and affiliating!

If you are starting a blog just for a hobby and really don't care much about making money, at least at this point, here is a tip, you are better off starting on a free platform. Both Wix and WordPress have free plans. Both are easily converted to paid plans should you want to pursue that in the future. A lot of people will argue that Wix isn't the best place to start a blog. I have a different opinion. I personally have had more success on Wix than WordPress. Those people saying this are mainly those promoting WordPress or those hosts who implement WordPress into their hosting. You can even blog on BlogSpot or many other sites, but those two above are the easiest to convert over to a money making blog.

Disclosure: I earn a commission from (BlueHost) if you use my referral link to make a purchase but this does not affect your cost what so ever. Thanks for your support and visiting!

The First things you want to do when you are beginning a blog:

  • Pick a Niche, or narrow down to a couple topics you want your blog to be about. It doesn't necessarily have to be 1 thing, and you don't constantly have to stick to it, I don't. A Niche pretty much sums up your audience, who do you want reading your blog? Who is going to be interested? How do I get them interested?

  • Pick your platform... Wix? WordPress? BlueHost (WordPress)? BlogSpot?

  • Pick a NAME and Tagline (if you choose to use a Tag Line).

  • Pick a Domain name you want to use. A lot of platforms offer you discounts or free domains do sign up for your platform BEFORE you get your domain as you may save a lot of money! If you don't get one included, google for inexpensive domains, you can find a lot for $0.99 for the first year!

  • Choose a Design/Layout!

  • Create an About Page & Contact Page.

  • Create Your First Blog Post!

Here are a few tips to know as YOU begin your journey blogging...

  • A blog will make you a better writer and thinker!

  • Establish yourself as an expert!

  • Blogging increases your self-confidence!

  • Network with other bloggers and make friends!

  • You can monetize your blog and make money!

The Steps To A Successful Blog!

STEP #1: Select a Perfect NICHE for your Blog!

  • Make a list of your interests or hobbies. Topics that fascinate you.

  • List accomplishments you are proud of, talents and achievements.

  • List difficulties you have overcome or defeated, weight loss, recovery, financial issues, managing a disease.

  • Narrow down your brainstorming ideas!

  • If you want to earn money doing this, which ones are profitable, research.'

  • Who's your audience?

STEP #2: Choose a Blogging Platform

STEP #3: Pick a Domain Name

  • Pick your website Name/Tag Line & Your domain name

STEP #4: Start Your Blog

  • Choose a layout/design

  • Create About Page

  • Create Contact Page

  • Create Sign Up / Newsletter Form (Why should readers sign up on your site/blog?)

  • Create your first post!

STEP #5: Monetize

  • Visit affiliate pages/sites: Shareasale, Commission Junction, Offer Vault, etc.

  • Google Adsense, sign up and follow instructions to incorporate on your blog. This usually doesn't work on a free platform.

You can schedule posts or you can post as you write. Keep your blog updated to keep your subscribers interested. Create social media accounts and promote your blog!

Want More Information? Visit my Start A Money Making Blog Page For a Link to ALL the Resources You Will NEED for a SUCCESSFUL MONEY MAKING BLOG!

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