So This Happened Last Night...

My three youngest boys had long hair for the longest time. They were beautiful, yes I say beautiful because my boys were all beautiful!

At the beginning of first grade, the older of the three decided he wanted his hair cut. So, we did it. It was definitely a change. He was my "brunette". My two younger boys had long blonde hair and blue eyes. Were they really my babies? Well, actually my oldest son who is 4 1/2 years older than the oldest of the three here, had blonde hair and blue eyes as well. He now has brown hair and his gorgeous blue eyes are still gorgeous.

Last night, the middle of the 3 younger ones, decided he wanted his hair cut. UGH no baby no! So, well, we did it. I almost cried it hurt me so bad to watch his hair leave his head.

The youngest wanted his hair cut too, but I told him next year when he is in first grade, we will come to that bridge. We did however get trimmed.

I understand not all boys look good with long hair, but mine did! It kills me when they want it cut.

Do you think a child should decide he wants his/her hair cut? Do you think they should be allowed to say they want drastic cuts (i.e. girls hair really short or shaved)?

I feel I let them wait long enough by first grade they know what they want. I just didn't want to cut it shorter before then and then have them decide they wanted longer hair and have to wait for it to grow back. Good thing with hair, it's only hair, it will grow back if they decide they want it longer again.

Not the best brightness in the "long-hair-pic" but it definitely is a drastic difference!

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