So Much Cleaner... In My Opinion

I have been thinking for awhile about using a "tag line" on my logo/blog. Something that sums up something that my blog is about. Living Life With Lupus! Having a chronic illness like Lupus definitely prevents you from doing a lot of things, especially when you are going through a flare, which great I have one starting... I have learned how to tell the signs and let's hope it doesn't last long!

So The Lupus Lifestyle, Traveling with Lupus, Lupus Diet, Health & Wellness with Lupus, Lupus skin care, How Lupus affects having a family and children, and well ultimately LIVING LIFE WITH LUPUS!

For those reading and not sure where I am going with this blog, it's LIFE. I have Lupus, yes. I love to travel, yes. I love health, wellness and skin care, yes. I love recipes and cooking, yes! I love webdesign, yes. I hope something here is worth your time, as it's worth my time writing for you!

I am beginning to incorporate so much in the members area, so be sure to sign up and create a profile, it is very simple, it takes a minute! A minute of your time to experience so much more!

So the update to the site, I really hope you enjoy and if you haven't been here before, see the old layout vs. the new layout! :-) I am ALWAYS open to opinions, thoughts and what you would like to see more of! Let me know!



Moved menu to the top, added a crisp new logo with tag line, added "sign up" to the Log In so that you know you can sign up there too and not just log in and not be sure where to go to "sign up". Also, do you have a blog/website you would like me to see? Let me know it! You visited me, I want to visit you as well so definitely share that with me upon sign up.

**If you use the form on the first page (below), You can also click log in/sign up to create a member profile too, OR once you submit your form (below) you can wait and I will add you and the email you would use to log in would be the email you have provided and the password would be "ladylupie" until you change it upon log in!***

I really appreciate all the visits and the comments! I love knowing that something has helped someone or made their day! I'm always open for new ideas and thoughts, and now that I have a layout that I really love, I will definitely be posting more!

Come Back soon!

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