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I honestly was never a "girly girl" growing up and didn't really know the first thing about proper skin care. Luckily I never had acne and had pretty decent skin. I didn't care to use sunscreen, I liked getting burnt and peeling. Crazy me right. I'm going to be the one with skin cancer later in life because of this. I have "age spots" or "sun spots" I guess one would call them and I know it's from not having proper skin protection in the sun. There's really not much to over come those and it's either embrace it or cover it up.

I'm not big on make up, especially foundation or cover-up. My skin color is weird. I'm lighter than a lot of Caucasian women but I'm not pale white so I'm kind of in the mix of where I can never find something my color. It's hard, I either look pale as heck or like I got a really bad spray tan.

I tried different things, from the store and DIY products and could never find something to help me out when it comes to lightening those spots, especially the ones on my face. Until I found something that has really been helping me!

The combination of oils and ingredients in the All Natural Miracle Balm in the shop has helped me out tremendously! It's great! I feel like ever since I started using this back in May, my face has started to "tone" and I feel like there is somewhat of a glow so to speak. I feel confident where I don't have to wear make up.

Before, I was big on eye liner. That was my thing. That and lip gloss. I wasn't big on mascara or like I said foundation of any sort, liquid or powder. I was eye liner and a little lip gloss / lip stick, every day!

Lately, ever since starting to use the Miracle Balm, I have maybe worn make up (eye liner, lip gloss/lip stick) a handful of times. I feel so confident in my skin now that I don't feel like I need it. I have noticed that it has helped a lot with "signs of aging". I don't notice so much of any wrinkles or loose skin. It truly has been a lifesaver for me. After using the miracle balm, the most make up I usually use is some mascara. Yes, mascara, what I said I never really used earlier in life! And honestly, that is only on some sporadic occasions.

The lip gloss/lip stick that I needed to wear is now replaced by the Lip Balm in my shop. It is pretty much a tamer version of the Miracle Balm with not as much in it. I love it! My lips feel new. It's crazy to say your skin or lips feel "new" but they honestly do. They feel healthy, my skin feels healthy.

Another benefit, which is the true reason I created such a wonderful product was because I suffer from Psoriasis and Lupus which doesn't help with my skin and face as far as rashes. This has helped more than anything a doctor could and has prescribed me in the past. The only other thing I have noticed that truly helped has been Nivea Creme. First off it had to be Creme. And even with that I was going through a large container within a week because of putting it on loads at a time because it's the only way to get moisture in there was to pack it on. The Miracle Balm is cheaper and you use less than the Creme. Sometimes I will even just use the Lip Balm and it works great!

The Miracle Balm is great on itch. My thing with Psoriasis is I would itch and pick until it scabbed up so badly that it took even longer to go away! Miracle Balm will help stop the itch so that it can heal up beautifully.

I am so excited to have this product and I want you all to be excited about it too! Head on over and check it out, you will not be disappointed!

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