A Simple Shopping Trip... Too Much?

So as you're aware, I have Lupus, Fibromyalgia and chronic pain including neck issues. Sure, it's hard for me to go to the grocery store, and I'm not always feeling even a little bit okay when I venture out to one. When I do get there, I do like to do my own thing. I take my time, if it gets to be too much I cut it short. There have been a lot of times I don't get everything I need because I can't finish my trip.


I am independent. Being sick constantly tests that... often!

But get this straight... I drive myself, get my own cart, get my own groceries and usually use self-checkouts because I cannot stand dealing with people. It's gotten worse being sick, but I don't have time for stupidity. Usually I go when there are people working that don't know what they're doing. I hardly ever, unless a larger order, go to a normal checkout.

So I'm now scanning my groceries, bagging them and then putting them back into my cart.

There is a local store, (that I will leave un-named) that has what I have dubbed the "Cart Natzi". This guy, when he is working, leaves absolutely no cart in the corrals in the parking lot. THEN pretty much stalks you to your vehicle and just starts taking bags out of your cart. DUDE. I honestly don't know how many times I tell him I am okay, I got this. I need to do this!!! Not only is it because I didn't ask for your help, it is because I NEED TO DO THIS FOR ME! I cannot feel like something is wrong. I will not let this get the best of me! If I am well enough to go to the store, and do everything I have already said that day, I can load MY groceries into MY vehicle MY WAY!

This happened today and he was rushing me. Like me having a cart was just ruining his day. OMG!

The last time he did this, I told him I got it, I got it.... He literally stood there with such an attitude while I finished and THEN took my cart. REALLY!?!? Isn't there someone else you can bug. I am NOT the only one in this parking lot.

Yes, I understand it's his job to collect the carts. BUT I didn't ask for him and there are other people to help. Being sick lowers my ability to deal with people. ESPECIALLY when I didn't ask for your help! I NEED to do this for reasons beyond what anyone needs an explanation at that moment!

Rant Over... Anyone else, ever feel like this?


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