Severe Pain... How to manage?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

So, typical pain on an occasional basis is bad enough, torture to figure something out to help you through it. Agony, sleepless nights, you can't breath it hurts so bad to move!

Imagine this times 100, times every day! I can. I deal with this 90% of my days. What can you actually do for it? Doctors try to send you to physical therapy with no help. They try to send you again and again... what is going to change? It didn't help me the first time, the second time, the third time, why do you think it's going to help me again? And water physical therapy is even worse. Yes, you might think while you're in the water you feel wonderful. Get out of the water... you will remember very fast why you are there in the first place, and add water weight is now hanging out on your water clothing! They try to get you to pain management. And for what? They try to send you to physical therapy because anymore pain management doesn't want to prescribe narcotics. Well, let me tell you something about narcotics and pain from lupus and fibromyalgia. It is worthless. Why risk addiction to pain medication because it doesn't work and you feel you need to take more to make it work. If it's not working as directed, it's not going to work at all. Whether you take one pill or 20, with the exception of the risk of overdosing, it isn't going to help your pain.

Medical marijuana, they say, CBD oil, they say. Pay out of pocket for this, they say. So let's get involved in the medical marijuana... you're going to make me pay hundreds of dollars for something I can get on the street for ten. Hmmm, I think not. And then, this "medical" strength marijuana you're going to prescribe me isn't even half the strength of street marijuana. I'm good on that. Number one, I have prided myself all my life with being drug free. I have the occasional drink, but that is it. I don't smoke, cigarettes or marijuana and I definitely don't do anything worse. Not my style and I despise it. And I'm sorry, but I will try to find an alternative pain relief myself than have a doctor tell me to start using drugs. My mind may change with the marijuana should I be on my death bed if I don't start doing it. But as far as I'm considered, I'm not dying tomorrow.

The CBD oil. Well, I kind of have mixed thoughts about this, but it's really not even proven to help my conditions and my pain, so I'm not doing it unless it is going to actually help me and be proven to help me. I am so mixed with this so if anyone could fill me in on their experiences with it and what they used it for, I would greatly appreciate it.

So yea, back to what do you do to manage pain from Lupus and Fibromyalgia? I have been experimenting with my miracle balm and honestly the times I have used it, I have had success... so yea, I think I will stick with that... at least for now. I feel like the sun helps a lot too... almost as a large heating pad.

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