Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I had a horrible night again last night. Everything legit hurt so badly. I didn't get much sleep therefore, today I am trying to relax and rest with my boys. I did however fix the shop issue that was happening and everything should be working now. Also had an issue with the Facebook page, it is now fixed too. Apparently it was "unpublished" by Facebook for rule violations. After an appeal and look into it, they "re-published" my Facebook page and we are running again on there. I'm really not sure what the issue was with that.

The humidity these past few days is no joke! I would rather be in Las Vegas or Phoenix with these temps, at least it's dry heat there! My ideal move is to Phoenix, hopefully sooner than later. Even though with Lupus, you're supposed to stay out of the sun exposure, I need the heat and sun to help my body feel better. I though, DO NOT need the humidity as it makes me feel worse.

I have come to understand that people with Lupus are not the same. Issues that one person has, another may not. Things that help one person, may not help another. Not everyone has the same symptoms nor do they affect them the same way. How I feel with Lupus, you may not. I just really want my overall "feeling" to be so much better. I understand I'm not going to get better, but I'm hoping to at least "feel" better.

This site has helped me a little so far for the little time that I have had it up. Not only does it keep me on my toes thinking... but it also makes me feel like I have a purpose.

I love the products that I have come up with to help people as well! I honestly have really cut back on make up, especially on my lips because I use MY PRODUCT! I went to put lipstick on the other day and was like, yeah you know what, I don't want this on. The lip balm gives your lips a great shine and feeling without product with who knows what in it! The miracle balm helps with my redness on my face and my flaking skin on my arms and face as well as my psoriasis flare ups! I even used it on sunburn, it's amazing! Check it out!

I'm going to get back to relaxing, hoping to write soon and update more of the site, make sure to register on the site and be entered for the contest as well as on the Facebook page as well!

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