Pittsburgh, PA Trip March 2014

We took our family to Pittsburgh, PA for a day trip. We only had the 3 boys with us at the time, as our youngest was not born yet.

We took a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium which we frequently take our children to and we love it every time. For having a large family, it isn't as costly as a lot of other places to take a large family. I really do want to some time get them to the National Zoo in DC. I believe that would love that. But the Pittsburgh Zoo is great and we love it every time!

The second day we went to The Museum of Natural History (dinosaurs!) and the Children's Museum.

I didn't really care much for the Children's Museum. For the price we paid to get in it just seemed like there would have been more than there was. But I am an adult so maybe the kids enjoyed it more.

The History Museum, I would go to again and probably will!

Children's Museum (Here are some photos, and I really don't want to put my kids on here much so there really are only a few at this time because most have them!)

Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Photos

The Museum of Natural History

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