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I have always had a love of writing. I believe that's one reason why I enjoy writing on this site so much. Sometimes I don't really have much to say but overall I enjoy it very much. I may have mentioned this before here, I believe I did. I feel like having Lupus and the brain fog kind of deters me from writing as of late though. I really want to get back into it and write a book. I am thinking of possibly writing a children's book.

Having children, and having my share of story books in our "library" will definitely inspire some ideas. Losing my mother several years ago, I want to write a book about something along those lines. I have ideas, many many different ideas... I feel like my problem is going to be the art. I can draw to an extent, but I feel like it's not good enough. I guess I could always doodle up my idea and find someone to do it for me for the real version if I don't feel mine is good enough.

I do love the fact that a lot of books are now e-books and I could get my book out there inexpensively! And social media is definitely a blessing as well! That is for sure! And then there is here. Though at this time, I'm still beginning and building my brand, this site will definitely come in handy when it comes that time to get this out there.

With my children all going to be in school this year, my youngest starts... I feel like this is going to give me the time and concentration I need to really get this going. I am truly excited.

Check back for more... I will definitely keep updated with all that is coming! :-)

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