Lupus... why?

The last several days I have been having one heck of a time with pain. I am in pain of some sort literally every day but this is insane. I haven't been able to move correctly, everything hurts to move and even to sit here on the couch or in my bed hurts. The best part is, nothing helps the pain. Tylenol, naproxen, aleve, and I have even tried narcotics and cbd oil... nothing helps when it is this bad.

It is killing my fingers to sit here and type this right now. Insane right. Not to mention on top of that I have been so drained and tired I feel like I could seriously blink and my eyes would shut for the next several days.

Oh the joys of a Lupus flare.

And the fact that I have Fibromyalgia on top and it feels like my body is being beaten with a ball bat makes me want to cry. I have had several MRIs of my neck and found there are many issues up there too and I didn't even do anything to cause it. I can only imagine what an MRI of my back would show. Yea, the joys of Lupus! It literally attacks everything!

I want a normal life. I try to live a normal life to the extent that I can, but I can't do too much about the pain which kind of causes me to pull back from living my life. This is kind of a motivation for me to learn more about my illness and inspire me to beat this Lupus!

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