Let's Visit The Grand Canyon!

On my next trip out west, the Grand Canyon is on my list of places to see! Though my husband and I both aren't very fond of heights, the skywalk is definitely something I want to do. I know half way though, I would probably feel like I was on a bad amusement park ride and want off, but this would be so amazing to see and how often am I going to actually get to see this? Probably once, maybe twice in my lifetime?

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There are a lot of activities to do at the Grand Canyon, not just sight seeing. Zip Lining, probably not my cup of tea. I'm pretty sure no matter what we decide to do, it'll be where our feet are touching the surface not hanging in the sky.

The Grand Canyon offers bus trips from Las Vegas! Go to Vegas and then head on over to the Grand Canyon! It would be a nice little trip and sight seeing along the way and not have to worry about stopping or driving to see things!

If you are in to white water rafting, this is also offered at the Grand Canyon.

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I cannot wait to get there and explore! I will definitely post when my trip is over! I'm so excited!

Photo: UPI.com

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