Lasting Curls (Quick & Cheap!)


Do you have straight hair and have always wanted those luscious curls? Just need a different do for a wedding or event? Don't want to spend all day at the salon or even with a normal curling iron in your hand only to have those curls fall out within 2 hours or have your hair so hard from product that it doesn't move?

LEE STAFFORD CHOPSTICK CURLER is here to the rescue! I had the issue above ALL THE TIME! HAD! My cousin told me about Lee Stafford Chopstick and I just had to give it a try and it was definitely worth the money! $25 you can't beat that! You will spend far more than that at the salon for one updo or perm! Just think you can spend $25 and have the perm that you always wanted and back to straight and then back to curly as much as you want!

Depending on your hair type (i.e. is it too dry or too oily) the curls will last 2 days to a week plus depending on how long you want it to. You can use dry shampoo if you need to. Yes I understand "A week without washing my hair?" Dry shampoo! Some people only wash their hair once a week because of different reasons. Even washing the curls out when you need to, it does not take long to get it back!

If you have longer, thicker hair it may take a little longer than normal because of the many more sections you have to do, but it doesn't take that long to begin with. I recently did my step-daughter's hair for her sixth grade recognition with the Lee Stafford Chopstick and it took me about a half hour. Her hair is extremely thick. And long! Literally one strand is like a normal hair 5 or more strands! Each section takes about 15-25 seconds and you're on to the next!

You need to definitely give this product a chance and believe me it will make your life a lot less stressful when it comes to your hair!


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