Kobe The Great

A lot has happened over the weekend. Let's start off with the biggest Shock of Sadness, Sorrow, and some more sadness. Kobe!

I can honestly say that I was not a big fan of Basketball. Ever. I knew who some players were, but I could probably only count on 2 hands players I knew, especially nowadays. The players that would come to my mind were mainly from 20+ years ago rather than now. KOBE was definitely among the top of my head players. I even had a cat named Kobe! After, well, Kobe!

It's so unbelievable to hear such news about someone like Kobe. So young. He was an outstanding PERSON! Not just player, but he was a wonderful Human being.

As a mother, I couldn't even for a moment put myself in his wife's shoes. I couldn't even imagine how she is feeling when she found out that her husband perished! AND!!!!! Not just her husband, but her teenage daughter as well. How do you get through that? Not only dealing with the news, the disbelief, but having 3 other children, 2 of which were so young. You have to deal with the losses but in the same sense be the strong person for your children to get through this time. A 7 month old little girl is without her dad. Will she ever remember him? Probably not. A 3 year old little girl, "daddy!" "where's daddy" "when's daddy coming home".... a 3 year old is a little more likely to know daddy, to want to see daddy, to know daddy isn't there and hasn't been. A 17 year old, full aware of what death is, full aware of her dad being in her life, at least she was able to grow up with her dad. As a mother, this saddens me more than the disbelief that KOBE, is dead.

Not much has really been released as to why. New details seem to come out often. The death toll went from 5 to now 9, so it's unaware at this point what other shocking facts will arise. Fog was an issue, and in my belief that's probably going to be the cause, but it's hard to tell at this time.

Such a sad time in the world, losing one of the greats! Rest in Peace Kobe & Gianna!

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