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So yesterday afternoon, my husband and I went out to eat for lunch as lately we haven't really had many "date nights" or "date days" or "dates" in general.

We went to the local Chinese Buffet; we like it there! Yesterday may as well be my last; as not only am I starting my lifestyle transformation, but something happened and it is really irking me.

Have you ever been eating your meal at a restaurant (or even sitting at your table whether you haven't yet gotten you meal or already finished) and had someone spill food on you? Not just someone but a server and not just food, liquid too. You know that kind of oil that is just all through all kinds of Chinese food. "Sorry" only goes so far. If I was another inch over in my seat I would have wore it all. It went all over the table, the booth seat next to me, the floor, and me. On top of that, did she get me anything to clean myself up? No. Did she clean up the table, No. Did she clean up all the food on the floor that was right there for me to step all in? No. She briefly wiped up the seat next to me. Really?

Anyways, I love that one of my favorite pairs of work out pants are stained. Did I get anything off my bill from being dumped food on? No. This all could have been prevented too. She had about 4 plates piled up on top of each other with food on them and apparently not balanced very well. Really? Are you new?

On the bright side... check out my plate art that I accidentally created while eating a little chocolate pudding (my favorite dessert there, and the bananas with strawberry glaze). Have you ever finished eating and noticed sauce or food left something amazing? If so, what did it create? Comment below!

On top of the stress of the "spill" happening, my neck started to hurt extremely bad, my body just went into a flare up so bad that I was ready to lose it! The joys of Lupus.

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