Girl Problems

Only a woman will understand and completely appreciate this.

So I am driving down the street this morning after I take my kids to school feeling a poke in my chest area. Okay? Yea I forgot to mention I had an underwire bra on. So now I am driving down the road bulling the wire out of the hole it poked through. Oh the joys of bras. It was an older bra so I'm not concerned now but really... not the way I want to spend my morning driving down the street.

I also really didn't like buying pants growing up. I am short(er) and I never was a size 2 so this is how my pants shopping went. Because of being short I needed Petite pants or I was dragging. So if I got petite pants, they never fit around my waist. So to get pants that properly fit I had to get ones that were average or long length and now I am dragging on the ground. Ugh.

After 4 c-sections in 11 1/2 years (3 of which being within 3 years of each other), I have been wearing maternity jeans and yoga and work out pants until I get rid of the rest of this belly. If anyone has had multiple c-sections so close, understand the difficulty of this. I am getting there and now am pre-pregnancy weight of 2 pregnancies ago so, yes I AM GETTING THERE!

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