Fly... For Cheap!

When my husband and I went to Vegas last year, we were on a budget. We wanted to get away by ourselves but we still had a strict budget! Instead of using the major airlines like Southwest or American, we used smaller, cheaper airlines.

Frontier Airlines was the airline that took us into Vegas. While looking at the prices throughout different local airports, we decided to drive the extra little bit to Cleveland instead of going to Pittsburgh. We saved literally over $500 doing just that! We flew back from Phoenix, AZ into Cleveland, not realizing that it probably wouldn't have been too much more coming home to fly into Pittsburgh. I thought we would be driving our own vehicle to the airport and leaving it there, but with car troubles, we had to rent a car. Always have the facts before booking if you're going to fly in and out of different airports. Are you going to have your car with you at the airport or will you be renting a rental car? This helps a lot when you travel because if you want to travel a little further because of price differences you know if you can or if you HAVE to come back to that location!

Anyways... FRONTIER wasn't bad. We took our first ever flight together to Las Vegas, Nevada. Frontier is a smaller airline therefore smaller plane. But it still felt big to us because have never experienced a "large" airplane. It's considered an Airbus, what we were on.

I was told that take off and landing were the worst. Honestly take off wasn't bad, landing was kind of intimidating but really this ride went without a hitch. Would recommend it to anyone traveling, especially first time flyers who haven't experienced large airlines!

I had a good ride to Las Vegas! As for the ride home... see my Allegiant Airlines post!

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