End of The School Year

Updated: May 31, 2020

Like most of the United States, central western PA schools

have been closed for some time now. For children it seems

like school's been done for 2 1/2 months, for us parents

though, school is still going! Yes, children aren't spending

their days with their teachers, we are now their teachers.

We are killing it. Some parents aren't as well as others,

but I for one am!

I have 4 Elementary-aged children, 3 of which I have to have

hands on with their learning. The 4th one and my step-

daughter in middle school are capable on their own with a

little help when needed.

Daily I am a kindergarten teacher, a first grade teacher and

a second grade teacher. Not to mention the ocassional sixth

grade and eighth grade teachers as well.

So do I have my degree in Elementary education now?

Today was the big day. We handed in all the school work! I

have emailed each teacher daily with their work, but to get

credit the school needs it. It's done, it's there, summer

vacation here we are!!!

Now during this COVID season, what are we going to do? Are

we going to be able to do the summer things we are used to

like going to the beach and whatnot? I sure hope so.

What are some of your plans for summer?

PHOTO CREDIT:  https://www.inquirer.com/opinion/cartoons/coronavirus-shutdown-pennsylvania-public-schools-education-home-schooling-20200513.html

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