Updated: Aug 11, 2019

METROMILE - $ave money and get more! It doesn't hurt to get a quote and see if you're eligible to save money on your auto insurance, especially if you do not travel a lot. This insurance has a small base rate plus per mile rate. You typically think auto insurance is one rate for what you want in coverage regardless if you drive 5 miles a day or 500 miles a day. If you do a lot of driving, this may not be the option for you, but a simple quote doesn't hurt to see if you still might save.

At this time, Metromile is not available in every state, but check and see. California, Arizona, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are a few of the states it's currently covered.

Along with the basic coverage options, you will also get road side assistance as well that will cover, towing to a local garage within a number of miles, gas, locking your keys in your car and some other options all at no additional charge.

Here is a sample bill: $20.41 monthly base rate + $0.045 (4.5 cents) per mile

Say your total monthly billed miles are 800 (by the way you are maxed at 150 miles a day even if you drive 400 a day!)

Your total bill would be $56.41! Definitely less than a lot of your insurances would charge!

Say you drive the max that could be billed at 150 a day and 30 days... 4500 miles for the month. You're thinking this probably isn't the best option for you... let's see. Let's use the same base rate and per mile rate as before... $222.91... It would really depend on what your typical driving miles usually are and how much your insurance usually is! Say you are usually driving the first sample every month but one month you did a lot of driving. So for the year of 11 months at the first bill and 1 month at the second bill your yearly insurance would be $843.42 roughly. Now let's compare this with even $95.00 a month with a different company that is $1140.00 a year. Savings!!!! So yes, it is definitely worth getting a quote.

Obviously it will also depend on the year of your car, whether or not it's currently being financed and your driving record as well. Even with all that considered, you may be shocked! I currently have full coverage on my vehicle and pay about 25% of what any other insurance would charge me for the options I have!

Get Your Quote Now and $$$AVE!

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