Cracker Barrel Let Down

Tuesday, my husband and I went to the Cracker Barrel in State College for lunch. He got breakfast, I got the chicken and dumplins. Mistake. I understand dumplins are just dough but they should not taste like a nasty uncooked dough ball. I had to ask for several things from my meal they didn't come out as well.

I honestly don't prefer to go to Cracker Barrel but when I do I am never disappointed in my meal selection... Until now.

I didn't even get to eat most of my meal. My lunch consisted pretty much of a side salad, broccoli, a couple fries and half a biscuit. Wow. I really wish I could have eaten more of my chicken and dumplins than I did.

Even aftet complaining when I was asked how my meal was, no sympathy.

I really don't see myself going back there again, at least for awhile!

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