Arizona -- Check!

After visiting Las Vegas, we went to visit friends in Arizona since it was only a few hour drive. Getting out of Las Vegas wasn't as hard as I thought it would be with the weird traffic patterns. We kinda went around the outside, did a little shopping and then left.

On the way out we passed the Hoover Dam. Maybe next time we are in Nevada or Arizona, we can visit.

And that was the last of civilization until Phoenix! We did however stop at a little shop out in the middle of nowhere. Literally it was the only thing for miles in either direction. Got one of the best subs (hoagies in some areas), was so delicious! And back on the road we go. Phoenix is about 4 hours from Las Vegas. Where we were going was about 2 hours further south past Tucson. We were going to visit Fort Huachuca right outside of Sierra Vista.

Long six hour drive seeing nothing but this...

It was pretty late when we got there. We had to meet our friend at the gate to sign us in and go through the whole background check process to get our "government approved visitor ID". My husband's looked like something out of horror film, mine didn't look much better!

The next morning we went out to breakfast and then went to get a better view of the base.

Later that day, they took us to see Tombstone, AZ. Wild West here we come. The courthouse was so beautiful and it had a lot of different things to see. We got to see an original court room, what was a post office of the area, the gallows, several museum exhibits and a beautiful spiral staircase.

We left the courthouse and walked around the rest of the little wild west town of Tombstone. I got to experience a lot and learn a lot more! It was a really fun time. We then went into the Tombstone Brewing Company and did a "flight" tasting. There was like 6 different beers on the board. I only really cared for like 1 or 2, I'm not a big beer drinker though.

Later that evening we went out to dinner at Sierra Vista Texas Roadhouse. I am bias to Texas Roadhouse, it was delicious as always. The service was horrible though. The server we had ended up getting a bad review when I got home. I really don't like doing that but I shouldn't have to deal with the rudeness and just the utmost disrespect from this server. She was only polite giving us the check because the tip was around the corner. I tip no matter how horrible the service is, it really depends on how much you will get. Contact with the store afterwards was beneficial and they did apologize for her but, you really shouldn't act like that when you're in the business of dealing with people all day. If you're not customer oriented, then don't work in any sort of customer service. Just saying.

After spending time today and the next day with our friends, we left for Phoenix for our flight early the next day.

As much as we were outside, and even seeing "beware of" signs at the rest stop, we didn't see anything dangerous like scorpions or anything like that. Which is nice.

The morning of our flight, we returned our rental car, and headed to the gates.

This was a disaster from the moment we walked into the airport. There was so much going wrong. Our flight didn't leave on time, it kept changing gates, they changed the plane and tried to separate my husband and I with the seating. Um, no we paid for our seats TOGETHER. We ended up sitting together after complaining a lot. I also got a refund of my seat prices too.

Take off was horrible, the entire flight was horrible. Several times through the flight I felt like the airplane stopped in mid air and was falling. About the second or third time, my husband said he felt it too and looking out the window it looked like we were. If this was my first flight going to Vegas, I would not have been getting back on it to return home. I would have been driving. I just now know not to book with Allegiant Airlines again! Landing was horrific. The take off and landing felt like I was on a horrible amusement park ride. Funny how afterwards I see all this media about Allegiant having difficulties with their planes. Nice.

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