Adding More Travel Posts

I will be updating and adding more posts from travel and locations I have visited, over the weekend. I really thank everyone for the continued support while I build my blog!

I just wanted to add, my blog is a lifestyle and travel blog. I try to stay away from politics and I understand that my view on the previous post might upset some and some might find it political due to the nature, but it's just my opinion and if you read to the end, it sums up my opinions and just because I have an opinion on one part doesn't mean I agree with it all.

Anyways, I will be updating more of the site and adding more posts so please subscribe to the site so that you can receive updates first! Go to the Members tab click log in and then sign up. It will then ask you to verify your email address and then you can sign in and update your profile, comment on posts and much more! The more members, I will add more members only content. :-)

Want to become an affiliate and link share, click advertisers on the bottom of the site.

Once again Thank you very much for the support! It is greatly appreciated.

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